Watch Georgia Landmarks in the Sky!

Have you ever heard of the most exciting Georgia landmarks? Dinner in the Sky® went publicly open in Bioli Resort, Kojori in summer 2019. From 15 May to 15 August, all tourists and Georgian natives had the opportunity to take part in this great event. In every session, a dining platform with 22 passengers on board was taken up to 50 meters high in the sky by a crane, so that the passengers could watch easily Georgia landmarks including TV Tower, Tbilisi Sea, Mtatsminda Mountains, Sameba Cathedral, Narikala and all beautiful Georgia landmarks located in Tbilisi, from a high altitude in the sky. Excitingly, the artful chef would prepare delicious Georgian dishes in front of the guests in the sky, and people would take pleasure in watching the panoramic view of a collection of Georgia landmarks in Tbilisi while sitting back relaxed, listening to the live music, and being served with an exclusive 5-star menu.   high over Georgia landmarks   During this three-month interval, Dinner in the Sky® Georgia performed about 270 dining-flying sessions and tourists could choose their desirable option among three different sessions per day: Afternoon session with a wonderful wine tasting menu which was ideal for those who wished to watch Georgia landmarks vividly in the daylight, and probably then decide which of these Georgia landmarks could be the next item to go; Evening session with a 4-course 5-star menu, the right option for selfie lovers who would like to have a suspending selfie with a background of Georgia landmarks fading in sunset; City light session with the same exclusive menu and live music performance which was a proper idea for the youngsters who love to have fun in the sky.   donh't miss Georgia landmarks!   Soon after the first sessions, Dinner in the Sky® turned to a high priority among other Georgia landmarks. This Belgian based suspending restaurant which was already famous in 71 countries across the world achieved to attract more than 5000 people this summer. Both tourists who wished to watch Georgia landmarks from above, and natives who had heard about Dinner in the Sky in other countries booked their seats and participated in Dinner in the Sky events. Although most of them had some grasp of the event before the flight, all the participants acknowledged that what happened in the sky was totally beyond their imagination! They were very excited that had the chance of experiencing Dinner in the Sky. “I can’t believe it! Everything was like a dream” says Sarah from Unites States, “The views were totally out of this world”. Another Canadian tourist, Gabriel, tells us about his experience:” I had watched the videos before the reservation, but when I found myself in the air with a mix of gourmet dishes, vibrant music and lights, altitude thrills, unlimited wines with fantastic Georgia landmarks appearing on the horizon, …, it was literally a breathtaking experience I hadn’t expected for.” All in all, the reviews were quite positive and as expected, everyone who tried Dinner in the Sky appreciated it as a truly once in a lifetime experience.   amazing Dinner in the Sky Georgia!   Afterwards, this success repeated once more in a two-day event held by Dinner in the Sky in Mtskheta, the world renowned historical city close to Tbilisi. In October 26 and 27, hundreds of people came from different corners of the globe to attend in Dinner in the Sky luxury flying restaurant. They could ascend up to 55 meters and indulge in the special dishes prepared by the chef of Marani Hall, and enjoy the magnificent sceneries of Jvari Monastery and its surrounding mountains, the confluence of two famous lover riversArgavi’ and ‘Mtkvari’, Svetitkhoveli Cathedral, Bebris Tsikhe, Samtavro Monastery and other astonishing perspectives beyond the ordinary! Beside public sessions, Dinner in the Sky also had several VIP events during its assemble in Bioli Resort, Kojori. We had welcomed Tadaharu Uehara, the Japan ambassador, and Elizabeth Rood, the USA ambassador as our guests of honor. Furthermore, dozens of birthday parties, anniversaries, and marriage proposals took place in the sky. It was a great honor for us to perform highly qualified extraordinary private events in a totally different atmosphere near the stars.   marriage proposal at top of Georgia landmarks   Brief, the Georgian branch of Dinner in the sky proved to be a turning point in gastronomy industry by intertwining an innovative Belgian concept with Georgian culinary styles. Dinner in the Sky, not only takes you high in the sky over the Georgia landmarks, but also is itself considered among the top Georgia landmarks in Tbilisi. So if you plan to visit Georgia, don’t hesitate to write down Dinner in the Sky as the first item of your itinerary!   dining over Georgia landmarks