Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers


Most frequent questions and answers

Minimum height of the guest must be at least 135 Cm. An adult must accompany guest who is under age of 18 years’ old.  Experience is possible for people with mild disabilities. Maximum weight allowed per person is 150 kilograms or 330 pounds. We reserve the right to weight all guests participating in any Dinner in the Sky Experience at the venue to ensure safe weight distribution. This may result in certain groups not being able to sit together but we will try our utmost to accommodate.
Late arrivals or not showing are also 100% non-refundable. Guests must arrive 45 minutes in advance to prepare for the lift. For the experience of our other guests, we will not delay or bring the lift back to the ground for guests who arrive late.

Please inquire about our vegetarian menu and report any food allergies in advance
Guests who appear to be intoxicated will not be permitted to board the Dinner in the Sky restaurant due to safety reasons
Unaccompanied children will not be permitted to participate
Please arrive at least 45 minutes before the indicated time of your lift Each trip lasts an hour.
If you arrive late, your reservation will be canceled with no refund.
Don’t forget to take your booking confirmation with you
*Please note that for addition alcohol purchases onsite, we will only accept Credit and Debit. For those guests wanting to open a bar tab, our staff will need to retain your credit card until the end of the experience.
Weather appropriate clothing and wear shoes that fasten securely to your feet.
Please remember that the wind at the height of 50 m is slightly stronger, temperatures can be slightly lower
Please take your phones, photo and video cameras along to shoot the breathtaking moments of your dining experience in the sky.
Dinner in the Sky has been hosted thousands of times and this question comes up a lot, washroom facilities will be provided on the ground and we recommend that you go before getting on the platform.
All guests are recommended to use the restroom prior to taking their seats. However, if there is an emergency and you need to use the restroom during your flight, the platform table will be lowered, but you will not be able to continue the flight session.

Cancellation of the dining experience is 100% non-refundable.  Late arrivals or not showing are also 100% non-refundable.  Guests must arrive 45 minutes in advance to prepare for the lift. For the experience of our other guests, we will not delay or bring the lift back to the ground for guests who arrive late. We will not accept any individuals that appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. No refunds provided.

Yes, strong wind or lightening will affect our events. We monitor the weather conditions in the week leading up to your event, and if they prove to be too bad to operate on your desired date, we will inform you usually 48hrs ahead.
Lifts will be made and meals served during rainy weather conditions
Lifts will be delayed or canceled in case of wind stronger than 15 m/s and/or thunderstorm
Lifts can be canceled or delayed shortly before your scheduled lift time due to weather conditions

As an organizer you will need to arrange for: Event location 30 x 15 meters accessible for both crane & truck with trailer. If you can’t find a good venue please contact us we can assist you in this. 90 meters of steel barriers to secure the area for Dinner in the Sky.
Catering is not included, the budget will depend on your wishes (how do you plan your 8 hours: 1 VIP dinner or several half an hour tastings/cocktails sessions or…, which type of food do you want to offer to your guests…)
You can arrange for your own catering, but if you need any assistance we will be able to assist you with some high quality catering companies.

The organizers have the rights to delay the experience/ flight of the table (at the organizers’ discretion but with a maximum delay of 90 minutes) to wait for the rain to stop. If the rain still does not stop during or after this time, the dinner experience will be Cancelled or reschedule and refund policy will be as follow

  • For people who have weather insurance: A full refund will apply to their credit/debit card within maximum of 21 days.
  • For people who doesn’t have weather insurance: A voucher with the same value will be issued to be used at the current event duratio

There is room for 3 chefs in the middle of the table.

No this is not allowed due to fire & Safety regulations. But it’s possible to have electricity on the table in order to use electrical devices. Gas-barbecue may also be used.

Dinner in the Sky can seat a maximum of 22 people per session

Depending on the activities you want to organize we think that 1 hour per session is ideal, so you can do around 7 sessions in one day. But if it’s just a tasting or a cocktail, you can imagine half an hour sessions.

There are no fixed menus. Our clients have been serving from sushi to lobster, from tapas to gastronomic dinner… so it really depends on the catering company and the available budget.

Dinner in the Sky offers an infra-red heating system as builtin  . (63 amp needs to be available at your location with a 60-meter-long 63-amp power cable and a switch box that can hold 8 x 220 V 16 amp to power up the heating system)

Experience is possible for wheelchair users and people with mild disabilities, BUT please write to us in advance BEFORE purchasing your seat with a detailed explanation on your condition for our safety officer to evaluate and advise accordingly.

Dinner in the Sky is not age restricted, in order to secure you safely in your seat you must reach the minimum height of 1.5m. Children who do meet the height requirement must be accompanied by a Parent or Guardian. Dinner in the Sky also practices responsible service of alcohol at all times.

The dining experience in the sky will take approximately 90 minutes as follow, 15 minutes for seating guests, 60 minutes for flight duration and 10 minutes for unseating guests.
Guests are to register at the Lounge tent at least 45 minutes before the time of the session. Failure to reach on time will deem your admission as forfeited with no refunds given

The experience will only be cancelled if there are major occurrences such as natural disasters, bad weather, etc. In such cases, a full refund on the credit/debit card for people who purchased the weather insurance and a voucher with the same value will be issued to the people who did not purchase the weather insurance to be used in Tbilisi within the current event duration.

Seats purchased cannot be transferable to another person. Consideration for transfer will however be given if you can provide evidence of double purchase. A written request to transfer will have to be submitted to the organizer via at least 24 hours before the affected session. The organizer will evaluate the request and reserves the right to make all final decisions on this.

Kindly note that once a seat purchase has been made, strictly no refund will be given, unless the experience is cancelled by the organizer themselves, for reasons such as bad weather etc. The table will take off as per schedule.

Once you reach on your time (45 minutes prior the session) there will be a waiting lounge with a welcoming drinks waiting for you, the customers will be signing a at the reception, and will have a safety briefing prior the session.

Dinner in the sky is a breathtaking life experience, your clothing at that time should be at the least you worry about. As a result, you should get dressed comfortably and warm during cold & breezy nights, while you could think of avoiding skirts, Abaya and open shoes.

We strictly prohibit outside food or drinks to be brought into the event area.

The table can go up to a maximum of 45-50 meters. However, the actual height of the table during the experience it is at the organizer’s discretion, based on wind conditions.

Dinner in the sky is a non-smoking event for safety reasons.