The very first sparks

Dinner in the Sky®, is an imaginative long story that takes you far beyond the everyday reality. Its concept launched in Belgium in May 2006, where Hakuna Matata(a communications agency specialized in gourmet pleasures) and The Fun Group(a company specialized in amusement park installations deploying cranes) decided to make possible one of the most exciting experiences in the world: a flying dinner table, floating at an altitude of 50 meters from the ground, served as the venue for 22 Young European Restaurant Owners to don their white chef’s hat. This story rapidly spread around the globe and till today, after 15 years, Dinner in the Sky® has held more than 67000 events in nearly 70 countries across the world. In 2018, Dinner in the Sky Georgia has started its operation, serving delicious Georgian cuisine and wines in the heights of beautiful Tbilisi, to make a wonderful, extra-ordinary experience for its guests.

Golden principles

Dinner in the sky has been crystalized clearly based on four principles which have been always foremost in our thoughts and of greatest concern in developing this concept. These principles consist in:


Uniqueness and Exclusivity


Innovation and Creativity

Where, When, How?

Dinner in the Sky Georgia is a flying dining table which functions also as an event platform to perform an extra ordinary event in the sky. Thanks to its flexibility and mobility, it can be installed everywhere you desire, be it a national landmark or within a picturesque natural landscape. This 7 ton platform is elevated to the altitude of 50 meters by a 120 ton crane to provide you and your guests with a wide breathtaking perspective of the surrounding scenery. During twelve years, we have successfully launched more than 67000 events in nearly 70 countries around the world.

Dinner in the Sky Georgia provides high quality leather seats for 22 persons in each flight. The safety of guests is guaranteed by a multi-point system of safety seat belts. In a one-day event with 16 flights within the interval of 8 hours, 352 persons are served with artful Georgian cuisine and wines and enjoy the unique experience of a totally different way of dining high in the sky!