Ceremonies in the Sky

If you are bored with usual events and looking for a perfect, very special, private event, Dinner in the Sky Georgia is at your service. Be it a proposal or wedding ceremony, a business meeting or seminar, we are specialized in organizing your VIP events of any kind and promote them into an extra-exciting and unforgettable memory for your guests. That’s how we take you up above the everydayness!
Our event-platform can have up to 16 flights during an interval of 8 hours. So we can host up to 352 persons of your guests in an event day. There is no limit for the time and location of your private event, and it can be performed in any 30*15 m2area. Lighting and decoration of the platform and site’s area, food menu, as well as performances like music, seminar, movie, theater, and so on, all could be totally customized so that you will have your desired event in the best possible fashion near the stars

The Sky platform is perfect for anyone who wishes to transform an ordinary event or meeting into a magical, once in a lifetime occasion that will leave a lasting impression on their guests. Dinner in the sky is unparalleled in its ability to generate awe inspiring wonder from your clients and guests, the media and the general public at large. There’s no better place to celebrate than under the Georgian skies ! The sky’s really the limit when it comes to customizing this date night idea.


Branding in the Sky

Dinner in the Sky Georgia® is certainly a MUST for the brands who seek for elegance and eminence. Its innovation and creativity in the realm of branding help companies to present their products to the general public in a unique and spectacular way. You may perform a whole festival at an altitude of 50 meters from the ground, and/or exhibit your logo in an attractive design on the platform’s stuffs as well as the surrounding of the site’s area. In doing so, Dinner in the Sky® leaves a deep and lasting impression on the minds and hearts of intended participants, intertwining your brand’s logo with a unique, memorable experience.

Dinner in the Sky® has always been a center of attention for its brilliant innovation in branding and marketing. Many universally well-known and prestigious brands such as Nokia, Samsung, Peugeot, Chevrolet, Electrolux, Coca-Cola, BMW, and Nestle, to mention but a few, on the occasion of their new product launch events, have been ably assisted by experienced professional team of Dinner in the Sky® to celebrate their ceremonies in the heart of the sky. The extensive and lasting impression left by such events has been so spectacular and immense that each has produced expansive buzz in media and social networks. Furthermore, in-built areas for advertising, embedded in the interior and exterior surfaces of event-platform, attract the attention of any spectator immediately, associating it with an imaginative, unforgettable remembrance.

Dinner in the Sky®is a kind of hyper-billboard, yet in a way that its advertising value goes easily beyond any ordinary publicity by far.

Looking for an exclusive experience for a private event?


  • Enjoy a private Lunch or Dinner in the Sky for up to 22 people
  • Pre-dinner canapés and a complimentary round of sparkling wine in the ground-level lounge
  • A delicious 5 course Dining Experience 
  • One glass of white, red, local beer, or sparkling wine
  • Your choice of non-alcoholic drinks (Signature Refresher)


  • Choose from three options hand-picked for your group by our Chef
  • Customize your experience with menu enhancements for an additional fee.


  • Beer and wine available in the ground-level lounge and in the Sky for an additional fee.
  • Live music is available at additional fee.
Is there any other unique way to differentiate your brand with a truly stunning consumer promotion and drive unprecedented publicity?




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