Dinner in the Sky among the best restaurants in Georgia

  Are you looking for the best restaurants in Georgia? There are so many luxury and high quality restaurants in Georgia but the good news is that recently in May 2019, the most famous flying restaurant in the world is launched in Georgia. Dinner in the Sky has performed so far 270 sessions in Kojori where nearly 6000 people experienced it. Furthermore, some extra sessions were held in Marani Hall, Mstkheta in October 26 and 27, welcoming more than 200 guests from all over the world. According to the participants, it was on the top of the best restaurants in Georgia and far different from any other ordinary restaurants they had ever tried. If you wish to take part in Dinner in the Sky, but you don’t have enough idea of what it looks like, or why it is ranked among the best restaurants in Georgia, here are some ideas you need to know about this great extraordinary restaurant. Dinner in the Sky, one of the best restaurants in Georgia  

50 Meters Suspended In The Sky

The very first feature that makes Dinner in the Sky one of the best restaurants in Georgia, is the height. If you enjoy an adventurous dining experience, all you need is to book a seat at the Dinner in the Sky’s flying table. Consisting of a dining table and 22 seats around it, Dinner in the Sky takes you up to 50 meters near the clouds. So you find yourself dangled somewhere between the earth and heaven for about one hour. You may need to put your belongings—of course everything but your camera—in the lockers before this exciting ascending in order to prevent their fall. Based on participants’ feedback, dining high in the sky, where feet wouldn’t touch the ground, is considered as the most fabulous feature of Dinner in the Sky. Do you the best restaurants in Georgia?  

Safety Guaranteed

Now that we’ve just talked about the height, the immediately next remark is the safety level. Dinner in the Sky is an international franchise restaurant which has been operating over 71 countries since 2006. The safety measures have been seriously taken into account in every aspect of this flying restaurant in order to meet the strictest safety regulations of European countries. All the equipment is built and installed according to the German TÜV standards. Moreover, there is a safety supervisor on the board in every session who controls the flight and also explains to the passengers which safety tips they should consider. That’s why, this utmost extraordinary adventure hasn’t had so far even a minor safety accident for more than a decade of worldwide operating. So, promisingly, even if you are not so much brave as to tolerate a high-risk experience, you can try Dinner in the Sky safe and sound. It’s a pure pleasure with no risk, and that’s the exact point which justifies how it is selected by Forbes.com and other renown travel agencies in their lists of best restaurants in Georgia.   best restaurants in Georgia with exclusive menu

Exclusive 5-Star Menu

As you probably know, Georgia is well-known for its legendary cuisine and wine making, so being among the ten best restaurants in Georgia is quite competitive. In this respect, safely floating 50 meters off the ground is not the only distinctive point granted to Dinner in the Sky; it shines gastronomically as well. The Georgian branch of Dinner in the Sky features the exclusive 5-Star menu containing the most delicious Georgian dishes and wines you’ll find nowhere else. In Dinner in the Sky Georgia, all the plates are prepared in front of you in a popup kitchen in the sky. You can freely watch the chef while he serves you fancy foods, and ask him about the recipes and his cooking tips. Personally, I believe that this feature alone takes Dinner in the Sky beyond the other best restaurants in Georgia; don’t you think so? Moreover, if you are vegan, diabetic, lactose intolerant or whatsoever, you can inform the Dinner in the Sky team about your special diet during your online reservation. They will provide you with your desirable menu considering your special nutrition conditions. Georgia landscape  

Breathtaking Landscape

Dinner in the Sky Georgia takes you high in the skies of Georgia where a picturesque view surrounds you. Since it is a transportable restaurant, the venue varies from time to time and so, the panoramic perspective around you is also variable. However, Dinner in the Sky always chooses its location so that you can have a spectacular view of the nature and historical landmarks of this beautiful country all in one frame. In a word, dining with Dinner in the Sky means dining the heart of beauty. All in all, Dinner in the Sky is not only one of the best restaurants in Georgia, but also it is the most extraordinary dining event in the world! best restaurants in Georgia  

Award winning Concept

Thinking of best restaurants in Georgia, the triangle of novelty, quality and feasibility is always considered to be the most crucial criterion. Since its installation in 2006, Dinner in The Sky® has received so many international awards in different fields, which clearly proves the fact that it fulfills the above-mentioned standards. These awards are mainly for its tourism and guest service excellence, best mobile location, unique concept and innovative approach, luxury dining, and so on. Moreover, Dinner in the Sky has always been a center of attention by the most renowned websites and news agency such as CNN, TripAdvisor, Forbes, The New York Times, etc. for its innovative and extraordinary ideas.  

Limited Dates, Limited Seats

Having said the most brilliant characteristics of Dinner in the Sky which make it selected as one of the best restaurants in Georgia, it should be kept in mind that this restaurant is not publicly open all year-long. So the seats available in public events are usually too limited. If you’d like to have the opportunity to enjoy this extraordinary restaurant, we recommend you to book your seats right now before they’re sold out. For reservation and more information, visit www.dinnerinthesky.ge.