Top Attractions In Georgia

Top Tourist Attractions In Georgia

Nowadays, Georgia has become the center of attention of many tourists from all around the world. In 2019, it is ranked fifth in the fastest-growing tourist destinations rating and people tend more and more to travel to this marvelous country. Why? Well, there are lots of exceptional attractions in Georgia that make it like nowhere else on the earth, beauties that will definitely persuade tourists to experience them. In this article, we will talk about some of the most important tourist attractions in Georgia that gained positive admiration among the travelers. So, if you wonder where to go for your next vacation, do not hesitate to experience this distinguished European country.   attractions in Georgia: Old Twon

Old Town

One of the most exciting attractions in Georgia is undoubtedly Tbilisi Old Town. There you can wander freely in twisted lanes and enjoy watching antique brick houses with wooden balconies. The architecture is a mixture of Turkish, Caucasian, Persian, and Russian. Besides, during your walk you may be led to certain streets with a totally different Art Nouveau architecture. So, spending a half day in Tbilisi Old Town, is just like going to an art museum filled with infinite variety of architectural styles! attractions in Georgia: Sulfur baths

Sulfur Springs

Georgia is the land of hot baths. There are hundreds of mountains in Georgia, in neighborhood of each you may easily find numerous mineral pools. Unbelievably, there are near 2000 thermal springs throughout this country. Because of certain medical and therapeutic properties of minerals contained in such pools, as well as their relaxing effect, thermal waters have become among the top attractions in Georgia. Orbeliani, Torgva Baths, Samtredia, Sulori Spa and Tsaishi resort are some of the best thermal spring resorts in Georgia, but there are still a lot more resorts of high prestige to explore!   attractions in Georgia: natural landscapes

Natural Landscapes

The first thing one can imagine about Georgia is the green nature. Mountains, canyons, waterfalls, caves, swamps and springs can be found in every corner of this beautiful country. Located in the Black sea coasts and between two Caucasian mountains, two third of Georgia is covered by mountains and forests. Moreover, over 25000 rivers flow in Georgia, longest of which is Mktvari (Cura) river with 1364 kilometers long. From western lowlands of Colchis, to eastern fertile fields intertwined with historical areas, all regions of Georgia are decorated with natural landscapes which attract every tourist in the world to have an adventure to this gorgeous country. In a word, natural attractions in Georgia is unlimited.   Sameba Trinity Church

Sameba Trinity Church

Sameba church is surely of the best tourist attractions in Georgia specially for those who love to see the modern facet of this historically-rich country. Constructed in 2004, it is aptly known as the symbol of new Georgia. Sameba is 101 m high, nearly 50 meters higher than the already considered tallest church in Georgia, Alverdi Cathedral. Its great size alongside its location on the Saint Ilya hill have bestowed her a very distinguished beauty and glory. You can already see how magnificent it is through the photos taken and published on the Internet by other tourists, but don’t miss watching this great masterpiece face to face!   attractions in Georgia: Mtatsminda Park

Mtatsminda Park

Be it a kid or an adult, everybody loves Mtatsminda recreation park! It has always been a remarkable item in the list of famous tourist attractions in Georgia, in particular for those travelers who would like to spend a fun afternoon in a family-friendly environment. Its water park area, funicular, and a giant Ferris wheel are among the most popular entertainments activity in this amusement park.   attractions in Georgia: Georgian gastronomy

Georgian dishes

Although every country has its own culinary customs, Georgian gastronomy is beyond everything else you have ever tried! The gifted prosperous nature of this country accompanied with rich cultural culinary customs has made Georgian dishes one of the most exclusive attractions in Georgia. There are thousands of prestigious restaurants throughout the Georgia where you can find the most delicious menus ever!   Georgian wine

Georgian wines

As you may have already heard about, Georgia is the motherland of wine! Archeologists have estimated that the first Georgian wine, which is the first in the globe, dates back to 8000 years before! The grape farms and the importance of wine making in this country witness how correct is such an estimation. That is why Georgian wines are one of the most important attractions in Georgia. You can taste unlimited variety of aged and qualified wines during your travel to Georgia.   Georgian people


Georgia is well-known for its hospitable people. You can see this from the very first moment of your entrance into this country. Making friendship in Georgia as easy as to ask someone’s an address. All you need is to go ahead and ask a question, they will do their best to offer you their infinite kindness. So you can take part in their various customs and rituals with your Georgian friends and make your travel perfect!   attractions in Georgia: Dinner in the Sky  

Dinner In The Sky

Any presentation of the tourist attractions in Georgia will certainly be imperfect without a reference to Dinner in the Sky. It has been 13 years since this extraordinary restaurant has been launched for the first time in Belgium, and now Dinner in the Sky is operating in more than 72 countries all around the globe, including Georgia. For those tired of ordinary restaurants, Dinner in the Sky offers the most revolutionary dining experience in the world! It dangles 22 diners, sitting around a flying table, 50 meters up in the sky where the “sky chef” serves you utmost delicious Georgian dishes and wines. You can float safely in the sky for about 1 hour and indulge yourself in watching a 360-degree view of the picturesque landscape of the city. This is where you can guarantee the most liked posts of your Instagram account ever. So, just imagine how your followers would be enchanted when they watch your fancy aero-selfies near the stars and make sure you have your camera at hand while flying up in the clouds with Dinner in the Sky! You may watch some videos of the Dinner in the Sky events here and here.