Top things to do in Georgia
Skyline of Tbilisi from the viewpoint. Georgia

Top things to do in Georgia

What are the best things to do in Georgia?

Thinking of traveling to Georgia but not sure what things to do in Georgia? looking for tips on how to plan your trip? We are ready to share with you the most essential things do in Georgia, introducing you to the best places to see, eat, drink and explore. Being a country deeply rich in history, culture as well as natural beauty, Georgia has much to recommend. So you should first of all think of spending at least a whole week in Georgia in order to visit its famous hot spots. However, to touch every corner of Georgia demands a full month sojourn or even much more! New experiences waiting for you to enjoy so that you may find nowhere round the world the like! Here you can find a concise guide to planning your dream travel to this country:  

Trek through infinite historical sites and landmarks

visiting Tbilisi Old Town is one of the top things to do in Georgia Georgia has a long rich history, and throughout this country you may evidently recognize a distinctive culture and the signs of so many epic events taken place over its checkered long history since the very classical antiquity. This is why going on a trip to Georgia is like making a journey through history and having a wander about in a picturesque cultural exhibition. From this point of view, the diverse architecture of Tbilisi, as the capital of Georgia, is representative. The very first things to do in Georgia after your accommodation in Tbilisi is to take an architecture tour through the Old Town as well as walking through the Art Nouveau region of Sololaki, and enjoy the contrast between the ancient monuments and hyper-modern buildings through your wandering in this region! The famous statue of Mother of Georgia (Kartlis Deda), which has been considered as the symbol of Tbilisi, is also a must to see in this marvelous city. Moreover, don’t miss visiting the Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi, known also as Sameba. This highest church throughout Georgia is certainly worth a visit because of its breathtaking beauty and glory. Another historical site you may take pleasure of visiting is the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral. located in the historic town of Mtskheta, this ancient cathedral is well-preserved through Medieval since 1029. If you are looking for Georgian handicraft with a fair price, it will be necessary to visit Mtskheta’s souvenir market next to the Cathedral.  

Marvel at natural landscapes

Things to do in Georgai: Marveling the nature You have landed on a country with utmost beautiful natural scenery, so prepare yourself to awestruck by unique Georgia’s landscapes! There are dozens of things to do in Georgia relating to its natural wonders. While your travel to Tbilisi, you may devote a full day to visit the Mtatsminda Park located at the top of Mtatsminda mountain, from where you will have the opportunity to look the city from a height of 770 meters over the sea level. Sighnagi is another mountain area located in a 100 km distance of Tbilisi which offers a lot of picturesque landscapes and cultural diversity. Do you like skiing and winter recreations? visiting the Gudauri Ski resort is one of the best things to do in Georgia for you! This winter resort offers a very high quality skiing opportunities with maximum exposure to the sun. Amicalola Falls, Okefenokee Swamp, Providence Canyon, and surely Radium Springs are other natural hot spots you should visit in Georgia.  

Join local Traditions and national feasts

Things to do in Georgia: attend traditional supra   From cultural perspective, Georgians has some ties with other cultures like Russians, Greeks and Turks, though they have preserved their unique cultural identity. So one of the most important things to do in Georgia is to enjoy this rich, multifarious, unique and distinctive culture. There are dozens of customs and celebrations that you may find only in this hospitable country. It is highly recommended to attend a Supra feast. Supra is the local name for a long and enormous dinner reunion in which several kinds of local dishes and wines are served one after the other. Moreover, people attending the Supra usually talk about various topics such as love, family and the everyday-life while listening to and singing Georgian songs and folklore polyphonic hymns. During Supra, you can witness a wide variety of traditions and codes of respecting within a familial relationship. Before 2019, you couldn’t attend a supra feast unless you had a Georgian friend who invited you to his house for supra. However, since May 2019, Dinner in the Sky Georgia has been performing supra events open to all residents as well as tourists, so that for the first time everyone has the opportunity to participate in this lovely Georgian ceremony. In addition to supra, there are annually several national celebration days such as National Independence Day and musical festivals, so that you can organize your travel to match the dates and take pleasure in Georgian national customs and feasts.  

Taste Georgian Gastronomy and wines

things to do in Georgia: taste Georgian dishes and wines We are in a delicious part of our itinerary! The most delightful things to do in Georgia is trying the magical taste of local dishes and wines. Georgia has a claim to be the “birthplace of wine” — and their local method of wine making gives their wine a distinctive flavor. You may find almost everywhere the tasty Georgian cuisines and wines. However, the number one place to experience Georgian wine and cuisine in a modern and extraordinary fashion is indeed Dinner In The Sky®, a franchise restaurant that has operated flying tables in more than 71 countries- including Georgia- since 2006.  

Experience Dinner In The Sky®

Things to do in Georgia: experience Dinner In The Sky Now is turn to introduce the most essential item of things to do in Georgia. No trip to Georgia is complete without taking part in Dinner In The Sky®, because it has all the beauty and wonders of Georgia in one single event. In particular, if you don’t have much time to involve in all the Georgian hot spot, or you can’t choose where to start your journey, Dinner In The Sky® is obviously a MUST for you. In fact, with joining a flight session of Dinner In The Sky, you will experience every Georgian pleasures at once! Dinner In The Sky is a dining platform which takes you 50 meters off the ground and so you will see every historical and natural landmarks of the city in a panoramic view. So you’ll scan all the city and then you can easier decide where to go next. So often, travelers admit that they could have a better grasp of the beauty of natural, historical and modern urban sites while they are sitting back in the flying platform of Dinner In The Sky. Declared by both tourists and Georgians, their experience is inexpressibly beyond what they previously expected, a memorable exhilarating experience they had never tried before in any ordinary restaurant. Additionally, Dinner In The Sky is the only public restaurant that welcomes you for a session of Supra! You will sit around the floating table next to natives, chat with them in a very friendly setting and experience the best Georgian menu as well as delicious Georgian wines and listen to the most impressive Georgian hymns and songs. Just after participating in one of the Dinner In The Sky’s flight events, you will truly understand how Georgia has fused the most antique traditions with modernity. So do not hesitate to include a Dinner In The Sky extraordinary experience as the first item of your travel schedule. Just remember that although both public and private events are available in Dinner in The Sky, the public seats are limited and you should book your flight seat beforehand.