Mtskheta welcomed Dinner In The Sky

In October 2019, Dinner In The Sky events were held in the ancient Mtskheta, providing our guests with an amazing panoramic view of mountains embracing beautiful Jvari Monastery, the confluence of two famous lover rivers ‘Argavi‘ and ‘Mtkvari‘, Svetitkhoveli Cathedral, Bebris Tsikhe and Samtavro Monastery. During this two-day operation in Mtskheta, we performed multiple sessions including five-course fine dining menu served with unlimited glasses of Georgian wine. Tourists from all around the world attended Dinner In The Sky Georgia, in order to enjoy the aero perspective of glorious landmarks of the ancient Mtskheta, all in one single frame. dinner in the sky in Mtskheta Our guests took great delight in watching our artful chef preparing foods just in front of them, and listening to our sommelier telling them about different kinds of Georgian wines, all in fifty meters off the ground. Alongside the public sessions, we held also several corporate and private events. Our special guests celebrated their most important occasions of their life such as birthday, marriage, anniversary, etc. in the sky of Mtskheta, making it into an unforgettable lasting memory. private sessions in the sky of Mtskheta With Dinner In The Sky Georgia, all participants endorsed the fact that they had a truly unique once-in-a-life-time sort of experience. Owing to the widespread participation of people in Dinner In The Sky, the performance such great events in Mtskheta turned out to be a great achievement for us. You may find a video of the events in Mtskheta here to have a  grasp of how it is like to dine in the sky of an ancient Georgian city! Thanks to its portable flying platform, Dinner In The Sky can be operated in any desirable location. Just tell us about your dreamy sky event, we will organize everything as your wish! Time, location, menu and extra performances are totally customizable exclusively for you and your loved ones. Mtskheta welcomed Dinner in the Sky It is now the time to make dining experience at its peak! Further details on the new menu, location and next dates will be announced soon. So, stay tuned for the upcoming events in 2020. Website address : Telephone number: (+995)555552800