Why Dinner in the Sky is the best special occasions restaurant?

Are you looking for a restaurant to celebrate your special occasions? Since the very first operations in Georgia, Dinner in the Sky has been turned to a hot spot for the ones who dream of a memorable night in the occasion of their birthday, proposal, wedding or anniversary. Now this special occasions restaurant offers its customers an unprecedented fantabulous ceremony suspended 50 meters in the sky!

the best special occasions restaurant ever in the sky!
Dinner in the Sky is a fine dining restaurant operating in more than 73 countries worldwide which has nothing to do with mediocrity or the ordinary. It elevates you in every detail above the traditions and conventionality. In the following, we will explain why Dinner in the Sky Georgia is the best special occasions restaurant in the entire globe.

flying restaurant in Georgia


Take your special occasions 150 feet off the Ground!

For those who ever wanted to make their special days spiced with a double-shot excitement and high doses of adrenaline, Dinner in the Sky Georgia is by far the best option for celebration. This international restaurant consists of a dining table with 22 seats around and a pop-up kitchen in the center which dangles the guests 50 meters above the ground. This extraordinary restaurant gives you the opportunity to share your love and joy with family and friend and make your special occasions even more special!

dinner in the sky with Mtskheta view


Watch beyond the horizontal line in your most important day!

The panoramic view of Georgia landmarks with the breathtaking background of green nature is what makes Dinner in the Sky Georgia unique. Surrounding by such an unrivaled view, you may tie the knot in a sky chapel where pure beauty witnesses your marriage vows. Who doesn’t dream of an unforgettable dream like this?


Georgian cuisine at dinner in the sky

Fly to the peak of tastes in the best special occasions restaurant ever!

Dinner in the Sky is the best restaurant in Georgia where you can taste a fusion of traditional Georgian cuisine with a modern European style. Our chef prepares his utmost fancy dishes just in front of you in the sky platform while you are looking at the picturesque landscape around you in the air and being served with unlimited glasses of wine. Dinner in the Sky Georgia offers a 5-star exclusive 4-course menu which completes the perfection of your ceremony.


Dinner in the Sky Tbilisi


Dance together near the clouds

When the sky table flies to the stars, joy and pleasure occupies all the space. You can listen to music and have a dance with the other guests while your feet float in the air and you are watching the astonishing view around. So, in this special occasions restaurant, pleasure is not limited to the realm of gastronomy, but all your senses are involved.


celebrate special occasions in the air!


Choose where in the sky you want to fest

Dinner in the Sky, is not simply a swinging restaurant. Rather, it dangles you and your loved ones wherever you’d like! Although public sessions are held in a pre-determined site, you can perform your private event almost anywhere in Georgia. In fact, every urban or natural site can be turned into your venue of wedding, proposal or other occasions. That’s why Dinner in the Sky is selected by passionate couples as the best special occasions restaurant.


Nokia corporate event in the sky


Have a corporate event in the sky

Dinner in the sky team is also specialized to perform your corporate events of any sort. Business meetings, product releases, official seminars, concerts, movies, and … are possible cases that Dinner in the Sky has successfully performed so far. Our sky platform transforms a casual meeting into a highly prestigious setting and promotes your branding status thanks to a huge media buzz after each event. For larger ceremonies, we can decorate and furnish the ground-level lounge area and host up to 352 guest in an 8-hour event.


special occasions restaurant organizes your events in the sky


Let Professional organizers make your night

Be it a wedding ceremony, a marriage proposal, anniversary, birthday party, or whatsoever, we can arrange almost any event you desire in the beautiful sky of Georgia. Just contact us and tell us about your occasion, our designers will perform the rest. Dinner in the Sky has always a basket full of unique proposal ideas according to the latest wedding trends for the young couples, as well as creative plans for a perfect anniversary or birthday party. Everything in this flying restaurant is customizable. You’ll be able to order different extra possibilities and make an event representing your dreams.


birthday party in the sky of Georgia


Extra options and amenities:

  • order a bridal bouquet and/or special cake for your birthday, anniversary or wedding ceremony.
  • Surprise your fiancée with an engagement ring served as dessert.
  • Order a banner for welcoming your guest or surprise your loved one. While you are enjoying dance and music in the sky we exhibit a huge banner on which she can suddenly see “will you marry me?” beneath her legs.
  • Order balloons and/or Fireworks in the sky on your special occasions.


kiss her in the sky!


  • Organize wedding rituals just as if they are in a chapel with a priest, witnesses, family members and friends, all close to stars at a high altitude of 50 meters.
  • Be it a traditional Georgian cuisine or a modern European dish, you can tell us about your desirable menu in advance. Unlimited glasses of Georgian wine are also available based on your command.


unlimited Georgian wine at Dinner in the Sky


  • Tell us your music preferences to personalize the atmosphere for your VIP event. You can also invite your favorite singer, dancer or musician in order to have a live performance in the sky. Particularly, you may pop the question while the singer is singing a romantic song evocative of sweet moments of your relationship.


panoramic view in the sky of Tbilisi


  • Dinner in the Sky team may provide you with a wireless microphone based on your demand so that you can have a speech for the audience, exchange your marriage vows in public, or even sing a love song for your intended.
  • Set up a drone video footage to commemorate your night forever.
  • Customize the decoration of both landing site and the sky platform.

All in all, you can personalize your event in every details and make your special night so memorable that your friends and family will talk about for years and years and years…


live music in the sky