Dinner In The Sky Georgia Hits The best Wedding Trends 2020

Every year couples look for new creative wedding trends according to the new developments and plans. When it comes to 2020, wedding trends will be even more important because nobody likes to follow the old routines of the last decade! Wedding in the Sky is the most recent occasion available at Dinner in the Sky team in Georgia. Being among the ten extraordinary restaurants in the world along with so many unprecedented features it offers high in the sky, this flying restaurant has become one of the most amazing wedding trends 2020.

the most creative wedding trends 2020 lie in the sky of Georgia!


But what makes our Dinner in the Sky so prominent? There are millions of ordinary earthy restaurants which used to be an ideal venue in the last decades. However, couples demand more exciting wedding trends for 2020. Wedding in the Sky features a whole new experience of marriage with the wings of love! Dinner in the Sky Georgia is a flying dining table that elevates the two lovers with their family and friends 50 meters to the sky of Tbilisi, Batumi or wherever else in the sky you prefer! In fact, every single detail—including menu, music, time and even location—in your Wedding in the Sky can be personalized properly for you in order to make a celebration of love and romance within a novel context of glory, excitement and delicious taste of Georgian cuisine.


ask her hands in the sky


Dinner in the Sky Georgia offers some avant-garde wedding trends 2020 which are designed exclusively for every wedding event according to your commands. You are served with unlimited bottles of Georgian wines and a 5-star 4-course gourmet dinner which is prepared in a pop-up sky kitchen in front of you. Or, you may simply order your own choice of dishes and wines. Dinner in the Sky would also invite your favorite singer, dancer or athlete to have a live performance in the sky complemented of course by astonishing aero view. Bouquet of flowers, wedding cake, balloons, dance and music, fireworks, VIP decoration of the landing site and drone video footage are some other options which can commemorate your most special night in an utmost romantic ambiance. Moreover, we can set the scene in the center of our sky platform for the priest and the new couple to stand on in order to do the wedding rituals while other guests give rounds of applause for them.


wedding in the sky of Georgia with fireworks


If you’d like to surprise your fiancée with a creative proposal in the sky, we are here to plan an unforgettable VIP event whose memory lasts forever. There are dozens of creative and unique proposal ideas our team can do in the air in order to make your soon-to-be-bride excitingly say YES. While you are 150 feet high in the air and enjoying a breathtaking panoramic view of Georgia landmarks and fabulous nature before your eyes, we will secretly exhibit a huge banner on the ground so that she suddenly sees the “Will you marry me?” beneath her legs. Dinner in the Sky may also present your engagement ring during dessert and provides you with a wireless microphone to ask her hands in public. You may also like to invite her friends secretly to make her a double extra surprise on this occasion.

Surprise her with proposal in the sky!

Last summer, soon after the installation of Dinner in the Sky team in Georgia, we had already several weddings in the sky. The love story of Masho and Levan was one of the most romantic proposals in the sky of Tbilisi which had a great amount of media buzz. “After attending the Dinner in the Sky in other countries” said Levan Magradze, “I was dreaming to pop the question in this wonderful floating restaurant”. So he seized the opportunity and chose Dinner in the Sky—indeed one of the best restaurants in Georgia—as the venue of the most important occasion in his life.

Although Masho, had some fear of heights, she was totally fascinated by the romantic ambiance near the clouds. “She was so surprised that couldn’t reply my proposal at first” said Levan, “But finally she said YES!”. As she was taken blindfold to the site and suddenly found herself swinging in the sky with an engagement ring in hand, live music around and watching amiable crew dancing and serving an exclusive menu, she was left speechless with a pleasant surprise. “We loved the wedding trends Dinner in the Sky performed in our proposal party and definitely recommend it”, approved the Magradzes, “It was the best day of our lives.”

wedding trends 2020 with Dinner in the Sky Georgia

If you are wondering how things went on in the sky for this lovely couple, do check the video of their proposal in the sky. We also encourage you to watch some very passionate videos of other weddings and proposals at Dinner in the Sky which make you burst into tears. For more information about private events by Dinner in the Sky Georgia do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will help you to turn your special occasions into an unforgettable event.