Georgia 4th world’s fastest growing tourism destinations

Georgia has taken the fourth position as the world’s most fast-growing tourism destinations in the World Tourism Organisation’s (UNWTO) 2017 report. The report reads that in 2017 the number of tourists particularly increased for trips to Egypt, Togo, Vietnam and Georgia. For Egypt, the number of tourists increased by 55 per cent.
  • In Togo, by 46 per cent.
  • In Vietnam by 29 per cent.
  • In Georgia by 27.9 per cent.
Georgia stands above France, Spain, Turkey and other countries where the tourism field is especially well-developed in terms of pace of growth. 
This is the first time that has taken a leading position as a quickly growing tourist country in the UNWTO report. In 2016 Tbilisi was the first in Europe as a tourism destination, now we are  in the top five as the world’s fast growing tourism destinations, which is a great achievement,” head of the Georgian National Tourism Administration Giorgi Chogovadze said.
The report reads that international tourist arrivals grew by seven per cent in 2017, the highest increase since 2010. The UNWTO is the United Nations agency responsible for the promotion of responsible, sustainable and universally accessible tourism. Source : Agenda